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Wizkids Games Horrorclix Action Pack AVP: Alien Queen

Wizkids Games Horrorclix Action Pack AVP: Alien Queen

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Wizkids Games Horrorclix Action Pack AVP: Alien Queen


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HorrorClix AVP Alien vs. Predator: Alien Queen Figure [Toy]

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Product Details
Product Length:9.53 inches
Product Width:7.01 inches
Product Height:6.69 inches
Product Weight:1.0 pounds
Package Length:9.53 inches
Package Width:7.01 inches
Package Height:6.69 inches
Package Weight:1.98 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 9 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 9 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

11 of 12 found the following review helpful:

3LOOKS NEAT BUT DOESN'T PLAY AS WELL  Dec 08, 2007 By Alexander Scott
The HorrorClix AVP Alien Queen figure is an oversized (as if that were a bad thing!) miniature for the Horrorclix game and is compatible with WizKids other clix games. It is based on the movie AvP: Aliens vs. Predators. You get a lot of stuff for your money, but the piece didn't play as well as I'd hoped. I'll describe the set and then its play value.

The main attraction of this set is the Alien Queen. The Queen comes in the box as the EGG BASE - a base covering 22 squares with the queen, her egg sac, and "decorations" (like opened and unopened eggs). The EGG BASE has three dials: the EGG SAC, whose clix indicate the placement of an egg, or conversion of an egg to a drone, the HARNESS, which keeps the queen chained to the egg sac, and the CHAINED QUEEN, which represents the combat ability of the queen while attached. The neat thing is that when the HARNESS dial has clicked through, the queen can separate from the egg sac and become a 4x4 square figure ALIEN QUEEN. The ALIEN QUEEN mini is actually inset into the base and can be lifted out to be a separate figure. The figure card for the queen is actually an entire sheet, since there are a total of 4 different dials with the queen, and a lot of powers.

You also get 2 regular minis, a predator figure and an alien figure. These don't have the two-sides that the other collector-sets do, but the powers are decent enough. There are 6 egg minion pogs, which have alien drone minions on the other side. There are 6 scientist victim pogs, 4 plot events specific to the AVP set, a pyramid map of the queen level, and a small rule book on using the queen.

The good:
-The alien queen sculpt is REALLY cool, and the fact that she detaches from the base is very neat.
-The queen has an awesome list of powers, with great stats.
-The egg minions and drone minions have decent abilities; not as weak as I would have guessed.
-Getting the bonus alien and predator minis was nice.
-The map is a great addition. There are not many maps in Horrorclix, and any new one is a big deal.

The bad:
I could make a long list, but I'll try to name the big ones.
-The rules were not well explained. I had questions about the egg minion abilities, assigning action tokens to minions, what is considered "adjacent" to the EGG BASE, etc. The rules were so vague that it's hard to believe that any marketing was done to make sure the rulebook was sufficient.
-How hard would it have been to make this a starter set? It lacks the clix ring, dice, and a complete rulebook. Instead I have to go dig up my other set to get parts I need, plus refer to the main rulebook about "minions", walls, etc. Eventually I gave up and my playtest partner and I just agreed on rules as we went. This is a real missed opportunity!
-The dials on the egg base were misaligned, so that one click moved halfway to the next stat block. This is simple to remedy (don't click all the way through) but is very unsatisfying, especially for such a prominent piece.
-You cannot play just the alien queen and win. The HARNESS keeps the queen from detaching and moving, and her range is 2, so a range 3+ figure will autowin given enough time. 1-2 extra figs MIGHT be sufficient to break the harness and let the queen move, but a) the HARNESS is hard to break and b) you're telegraphing your strategy, and a smart opponent will eliminate your other figs and the game is once more an auto-lose for the queen. Requiring more figures wouldn't be such a big deal if the queen didn't cost 450 points; your opponent can play ~8-10 figures for that cost, and if you have to add more figs to help your queen, the whole game becomes ridiculous.

So, this piece is probably a 1 star for competitive players. Using this piece almost guarantees you lose unless you play a 600 point game or more. I am a casual player, though, so it has more value for me. First, it is neat on its own, and completes the alien collectors set. Second, you can negotiate its use with your gaming group for lower points; it's a powerful piece but I would't rate it higher than maybe 250. Alternatively, you could negotiate dropping some of the powers (like the ability to be released from the HARNESS dial and making non-retaliatory attacks) in exchange for making it 100 points.

If nothing else, it makes a nice atmosphere piece, adds a map, a predator, and an alien mini to your collection.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5very detailed and very cool  May 23, 2013 By heroscaper
I love this miniature set, its extremely detailed and large, it comes with the alien queen and her egg sack, one predator, and one alien drone. its fun and a perfect edition to any horrorclix/ heroclix fan.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

2Disappointing  Jun 12, 2012 By Dean
The main unit was broken, missing vital parts which should have been obvious to anyone who held the box and looked at it. The unit held a Queen Alien that did not have a head... nope... no head at all. A fairly important part to most buyers. Without even opening the box, a sober employee should have been able to identify THIS defect, what a let down. I worry that the company wizkidsgames was fully aware that they were sending a (1st and last time client) a defunct product.

As a long time alien and Predator collector, I had hopped to use these guys to spice up a starwars-minis figurine display (which is still growing) for the release of the new Alien movie.

I interrogated the Predator figurine and he confessed that the head had been removed by another hunter, and he could not take credit for the kill....

5What a great set. AVP  Aug 31, 2015 By Gojira 45
Extremely happy with this for the price you can't go wrong, wonderful sculpt and game piece. You get the entire set, Queen plus base, alien and predator figures for $15.00 how can you beat that. You can't, yeah it is not a starter set however if you have a starter set this will make a great addition to it. If you don't have a starter set you can still play just go online and download the core rules from and get 2 6d dice. My son and I are having a lot of fun with this set and we just got into playing the hero clix and horror clix gaming scenarios. It is doing exactly what I hoped it would and now my son wants to play the clix game instead of being on Xbox and that in itself makes it great. Well done Wizkids. Well done. So, pick this up along with a starter set and get the kids involved as this will also help strengthen their math skills as well as yours, above all just have fun with the kids as this game and the figures will help keep their interest. Happy gaming folks.

5The alien Queen  Jan 18, 2013 By nunu
My grandson loves the Queen and her entourage. This toy has a board game
as well as the action figures to play with, good call.

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