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Supercar Color Version Gerry Anderson

Supercar Color Version Gerry Anderson
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Supercar Color Version Gerry Anderson



Availability:   Out of stock

Product Enterprise Color Supercar 8" (200mm) Die=cast. This is a really Great model and depicts Mike Mercury in the famous Supercar from the 1960's Gerry Anderson TV series "Supercar". Gerry is also famous for many other Fabulous programmes such as "Thunderbirds", "Stingray", "Captain Scarlet" etc. and this model certainly captures its likeness. Complete with Display Stand and Extending/Retractable Wings, the quality of the model & painting is Superb.

Out of stock

Product Details
Package Length:14.41 inches
Package Width:7.17 inches
Package Height:5.2 inches
Package Weight:2.16 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 7 reviews

  • 8" long Die-cast Model

  • Discontinued a number of years ago

  • Quite Rare and collectible

  • Highest Quality Metal Die-Cast

  • Comes with a display Stand

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 7 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

9 of 9 found the following review helpful:

5Never grow up...  Mar 06, 2009 By KeithL.
It's always great when you get more than you expected. I hesitated to purchase this one. Sure, it looks very cool in the picture but I really thought it would be nice to have the one with retractable wings but that means spending almost twice as much. Oh big deal.

I just opened it up and it DOES have retractable wings. The stand is nice and steady...the construction of the car is solid and what they don't show in the picture is that it says S U P E R C A R underneath which really enhances the effect when it's on the display stand.

Did you watch it as a kid? Does the thought of those days put a smile on your face? Yea?? BUY IT! Put it on your shelf...walk by it every now and then...look over, stop and SMILE! It's really very cool!

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

550 years is a really long time to wait, but it was so worth it!!  Apr 17, 2011 By RichJ
Hard to believe that it's been 50 years since "Supercar" thrilled those of us who watched the adventures of Mike Mercury and this amazing vehicle each week on TV. And like so many other young kids of the early 60's, I was mesmerized by Supercar. For so many of us, it truly was the marvel of OUR age. We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to the genius who was Gerry Anderson. At the time, toy reproductions of Supercar available here in the US were very limited, so I used fiberboard to built my own version of Supercar. Granted, it was crude, but I didn't care. At least I had a "Supercar" of my own that I could use for acting out those weekly episodes along with Mike Mercury and his friends. Good times. Fast-forward 50 years and now the good folks at Product Enterprise have finally presented us with the Holy Grail that so many of us have waited much of our adult lives for - an awesome reproduction of the one and only Supercar. Granted, some of the details on this reproduction might not stand up to intense scrutiny when compared to the original. So what? If you're like me, and you've waited 50 years for a decent Supercar reproduction, that's probably not going to stop you from owning this long-awaited beauty. At least now we've got our own incredibly detailed version of Supercar for when we watch those vintage TV episodes on DVD. After 50 years, I think we've finally come full circle. Get one of these now while they're still available. Enjoy!

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

5Super!  Jun 29, 2010 By mikemercuryfan
I've waited 50 years, literally to get this model of Supercar. And, it is cool. Very authentic with some realistic touches including the retractable wings, an antenna, etc. The stand is really nice, too for display--although a little tricky. (I threw the small bottom plate (where the stand attaches) in the middle of the Supercar logo into the back seat of the cockpit so it wouldn't get lost.
When I was in grade school watching this show there were comics, etc., but there just weren't any realistic models--I don't think--to be had. So, I made several back in the day, but always looked forward to something like this.
Shipment was good and the packaging was solid and the product arrived in good shape!

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

I have been searching for a supercar replica for 10 years. Supercar was one of my favorite TV shows as an younster and I had the fortune of owning a toy version at the time. The design and fantasy of Supercar began my love affair with cars that continues today. The model I purchased is authentic and well put together and sits with my collection of classic TV cars in my den today.

5An amazing find!  Jul 13, 2013 By singingperry
When I was a young child a class mate brought to school a minature Supercar during the height of popularity of the TV series, and boy was I envious! I never saw another another one until 2013 and when I found this diecast Supercar on Amazon I realized how much I missed this wonderful creation. Now I finally have one in my hands and the wonderful memories came flooding back. The detail put into this diecast model was outstanding! Down to the monitor screen and the chrome trim its obvious that those involved with this project felt the same way as I do about Supercar. It was a wonderful and almost magical experience to actually hold one, worth every penny!

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